Tsukiji-what to eat, what to buy

The most popular spot among my guests is Tsukiji Fish Market. One day in the last week I went to Tsukiji twice a day, and was there four times in last 6 days. Needless to say but Tuna Auction is still attracting many guests from overseas. For tuna auction view details, please refer this link.

Waking up at 1:00 am and queue for four hours?!  It is too much for most people. Don’t worry. There are lots to see and eat besides Tuna Auction.

There are two markets in Tsukiji: Inner Market for professionals which will be relocated next year. Outer Market for general public which will not move to the new market.

The right half in the above map with yellow background color is the Professional Inner Market area. Chefs and local fish shops come to shop starting from 6:00 am until 10:00 am. After 10:00am, general public are allowed to go into the market but I do not recommend you to go inside. There are mean workers inside who would yell at you or even chase and push you. In fact after 10:00 am nothing much left for you to see. Red areas in the above map are relatively safe and has many TripAdvisor famous sushi restaurants like Sushi Dai, Sushi Yamato. Please be reminded that you need to queue a few hours for these restaurants. Detailed Sushi Dai Report from here!

Now let’s move on to the outer market;

Outer Market, Jougai in Japanese is emerging fun spot for both inbound tourists and Japanese locals. Various kinds of streets foods are available, grilled crab, oyster, or uni whatever in season are served. I personally prefer to eat these foods on street rather than queuing up in the sushi restaurant in inner market. These shops open after 8:00 am till around 3:00 pm. Most shops request you to stay in front of the shop and finish eating. This is because there are shops who do not want costumers come in with foods in hands, which may damage their products.  It is also hard to find rubbish bins once you leave the shop. I usually stay in of in front of the shop and put the rubbish into their bins and move to the new target.

Visit the green highlighted areas in the above map, you will see all these foods in front of you.

Fish in the market is much cheaper than fish shops or supermarket in the city. You can buy in the professional market after 10:00 am but the quantity is by kg, which is too big for a family. November 2016, the new fish market in the outer market area where I go to shop when I feel like it. The fish is fresh and cheap, more over you can ask the shop people what is in the season, and how to cook them.

It is expected that the professional fish market will be relocated to Toyosu next year. If you wish to see the current Tsukiji professional market, you better go now. Let me remind you again! People in the inner professional market are not so nice, and may yell at you without any understandable reasons. Be ready for that! Good luck!

July 2017, Chika K