The Best Cheap Sushi in Tokyo

Wondering where to eat sushi in Tokyo, but worried about price? Look no further than popular restaurant chain ‘Sushi Zanmai’ (寿司ざんまい).

Here, you can find good tasting fresh and safe sushi for a very reasonable price. The menu prices are different for each store, but you can expect to eat a good amount of quality sushi for under 2,000 yen (18 USD). Expect the same menu to be more expensive at popular locations; eg. the sushi zanmai at Sugamo is around 3/4th to 4/5th of the price of the Ikebukuro flagship (not official information).

The founder of the company is known to bid the highest price on the first tuna of each year.

Try the tuna five piece set, or the pre-made sets if you don’t know where to start! You will be asked to fill out a form and hand it to the server. Tuna, salmon, fatty tuna, shrimp, salmon roe, mackerel, sea urchin, squid are some of the most popular items. Try some side dishes such as the fried tuna (マグロの竜田揚げ)and the miso soups.

Some restaurants are mostly counter seats, and some don’t have a separate non-smoking area. Most do not take reservations.

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