Sunrise on the top of Mt. Fuji

It was the most beautiful and most powerful sunrise in my entire life at 3776 meter above the sea level. I am still proud to say that I climbed the summit of Mt. Fuji and saw the sunrise in my first try.

If you were born in Japan, you would think of climbing Mt. Fuji summit at least once in your life. At school you sing Mt. Fuji song and are made to remember the height of Mt. Fuji and see many arts consist of Mt. Fuji, etc. When our daughters get strong enough to climb, we decided to give it a try like a team building activity for our family. At that time we were living in Hong Kong and there was only one available date slot for all of us to join Mt. Fuji climbing tour. We enrolled a tour with a guide for a small group wishing the good weather. Our group was about 20 members, 70 year-old male as the eldest.

It was a weekday tour in the  beginning of July and thank you for all our good doings, the weather was perfect!

Oops! Before showing off our journey, I need to explain “The basic rule for climbing Mt. Fuji”
1) The mountain area above 5th station is only open in July and August, 62 days in a year!
2) Everyone can access freely, no need to ask a guide if you are confident.
3) All the waste you made, you need to bring down to the foot. Water and toilet are expensive but available.

[Schedule] 2 days by bus from Shinjuku
Day 1 Met at 7:30 am Shinjuku~traveled by bus to Mt. Fuji 5th
Lunch at Mt. Fuji 5th and stayed there for a while to get your body ready for high altitude.
1:00 pm started climbing up Mt. Fuji slowly
5:00 pm arrive the cottage, eat curry dinner and short sleep.

Day 2 1:30 am started climbing up Mt. Fuji in dark *the oldest member in our party decided to stay at 8th due to altitude sickness. He joined our party as we walk down the path in the back of the cottage.
4:30 am finally arrived Mt. Fuji summit ~~Waited for the sunrise and after the sunrise start walking down. It was chilly cold in the summit and I cannot forget how tasty the miso soup was, the one we had in the small restaurant in the summit while we were waiting.
Noon Back to the 5th station. It took another three to four hours to 5th station.
A bus to the Onsen, a big rest house. There we took a bath and relaxing lunch.
6:00 pm back to Shinjuku.

Was it worth trying? Absolutely yes!
Do I want to try again? No, once in my life is just good enough.
So I do not guide Mt. Fuji climbing tour by myself. The reason I am positing this is because I have been asked this question from my guests, which you may like to know as well.

If you are thinking to try Mt. Fuji summit this summer, check this website. It will give you a better idea of Mt. Fuji summit attack. I am not recommending this company or service thought as I have not tried by myself.

(Experienced in July 2011)