Summer Festivals in Tokyo 2019

It is festival season! Primarily festivals are associated more with Shinto, Japanese native religion, but in summer we have Obon that is the main summer festival for Buddhism and local community. Check it out almost every weekend you encounter some kind of summer festival all through Japan.

Here are main festivals in Tokyo, but there are more locals ones near you for sure. Check it out!

July 9 Tuesday, 10 Wednesday 2019, Senso ji Temple in Asakusa
Hozuki ichi
This festival has been carried from 18th century, wishing for good health and fortune with Hozuki, plant with red seed flower market.

July 13 Saturday to 16 Tuesday 2019  Yasukuni shrine in Kudanshita
Mitama Matsuri 2019
Big lanterns, Bon dances ,and food stalls. Join bon dances in Yukata.

July 24 Wednesday to 27 Saturday 2019 Kagurazaka
Kagurazaka Matsuri
Bon dances, Hozuki ichi flower market. Bring your own Yukata and have them dress you up for free!

to be continued