One day trip to Nikko

Yomeimon Gate and Three Monkey were finally uncovered after 4-year restoration. You should not miss this once in a life time event!
This 21st restoration costed 1.2 billion yen and repaired all 508 gate sculptures, roof and everything. Last restoration was 44 years ago, which means the shining newly painted and repaired gate is even new and unique to most Japanese locals.

Yomeimon gate, it is said you can easily spend a day looking at the fabulous gate

How to travel to Nikko from Tokyo?

Model schedule that we did in April
8:00 am Leave your hotel
9:00 am Catch Limited Express Kegon no.11 (2,700 yen for one way)
11:16 am Arrives Tobu Nikko Station then catch World Heritage Bus at the bus terminal
11:30 am Bus arrives the bus stop for approach to Shrines
11:30-12:30 View Nikko Toshogu
12:30-1:00 pm View Futaraosan Shrine
1:00-2:00 pm Lunch at the local restaurant
2:00-3:00 pm View Tamozawa Imperial Villa
3:00-3:30 pm Back to Tobu Nikko Station by local public bus
3:23 pm Ride Limited Express Kegon no.36
5:15 pm Arrived Tobu Asakusa station

*If your time allows, you can also visit Sanbutsudo and Taiyuin of Rinnouji Temple.

What good about this plan is that you can balance Toshogu’s gorgeousness and Imperial Villa’s simpleness.
Tobu is a name of railroad company. JR also has railroad to Nikko but not recommended. For speed and cost, most travelers take Nikko. Check the latest schedule in this page, also a seat reservation is available and  recommended. Public bus transpiration is available and convenient in Nikko. If you are sure to ride bus more than three times, you may like to purchase one day pass at Nikko Station.

Nikko locates about 100 km north of Tokyo. Their temples were founded in 766 but became nation wide famous after the first Tokugawa Shogun, Ieyasu’s shrine was built in 1636. In 1999 it was in-scripted in the UNESCO World Heritage for the  these reasons. (check the link!)

Made in 1636 and was under repair from June 2016 till April 2017.
One panel out of 8 panel series of a Monkey’s life

-Nikko Toshogu, Yomeimon gate

-Futarasan shrine at the spring festival, we luckily encountered

Tamozawa Imperial Villa

-Rinnouji Temple

Visited in April with guests from UK