Nemophila blue hill, Hitachi Seaside Park

Blue Hill with fully bloomed Nemophila in Hitachi Seaside Park.

I have seen this picture on internet or on TV news many times before. But I would like to say it aloud ”Seeing is believing” , you never know the real beauty until you place yourself there. Not only the shape of flowers, the wind, the smell, the softness on ground, there are lots more to feel in the real life.

You can access by rail or bus in about 2 hours from Tokyo, 130 km by a car. The park is huge, the blue hill is only a part of the park. There is amusement park area with rides that children love. You can spend a day with a dog here. Yes, unlike other parks, this park welcomes dogs!!!

The spaciousness comes from its original function as air force school

The peak of the nemophila is May, it differs depending on the weather. The park has a good series of flowers; you can enjoy flowers on the season whenever you visit. It is also famous for summer cypress in autumn. I should go back with my dog regularly.

In summer you can enjoy swimming in the beach. There are a few public baths along the beach.

Click here for details of Hitachi Seaside Park.

Chika K, May 2017