Fireworks Festivals in Tokyo 2019

Guess how many firework festivals will be held in Greater Tokyo! Almost every weekend you can see fireworks displays in the air. Plan your summer!

July 13 Saturday, 14 Sunday      Yokohama
Yokohama Sparking Twilight Yokohama
3,000 fireworks to be launched, 630,000 people expected…

July 20 Saturday,    Arakawa river ( Nishiarai bridge of Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line) , Tokyo
Adachi no Hanabi with Ninjya
13,000 fireworks to be launched, 700,0000 people expected…

July 23 Tuesday  Edogawa River, Katsushika, Tokyo
Katsushika noryo Hanabi Taikai
13,000 fireworks to be launched, 770,000 people expected…

July 27 Saturday   Sumida River, Sumida, Tokyo
Sumida River Fireworks Festival
20,000 Fireworks to be launched, 950,000 people expected

August 3 Saturday, Edogawa River, Edogawa City, Tokyo
Exciting Hanabi 2019
14,000 fireworks to be launched, 900,000 people expected…

August 3 Saturday, Arakawa River, Itabashi City, Tokyo
Itabashi/Todabashi Hanabi Taikai
12,000 fireworks to be launched, 520,000 people expected

August 10 Saturday, Meiji Jingu Gaien, Tokyo
Meiji Jingu Gaien Hanabi Taikai
10,000 fireworks with music, 1 million people expected

Some of these festival sell tickets to view fireworks in premium locations. Please ask us for details!

(last updated on July 10th)